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Sharkee Training Knives

Salus Consulting offers the full range of Sharkee Training Knives


VirtualBlade is a adhesive cloth and chalk marking tool that turns the Sharkee training knife (and other brands of training knives) into an instrument of instantaneous feedback. The second you touch, or are touched by, your opponent, it leaves a coloured mark. Not like regular chalk, this special formula is safe, non-toxic and will wash out.

When you get 'cut' - you know it! No more doubts! Never again will you have to endure the, 'Gotcha!!' , 'No you didn't', 'Yes I did!' routines. This tool sorts out what works and what doesn't in all situations. There is no longer any doubt!

VirtualBlade has many advantages:

  • Practice with training blades close or exactly like real blade configuration.
  • Shows people exactly how long a slash wound can be and how quickly a large wound can be delivered.
  • Polish your offensive skills
  • Practice defense or disarms with decreased risk of injury
  • Knife Sparring/fighting
  • The marking chalk is non-toxic and washes out of clothing.
  • Students awareness is heightened because the results are visible to all.


The VirtualBlade kit comes separately from the Sharkee Knife for you to fit yourself.  You get one patented mark delivery system and enough chalk for thousands of cuts. It is simply 'peel and stick' to apply; it's cheap, and easy to clean. There are no batteries to replace and it's non-toxic.

Who is using the VirtualBlade?

This is only a partial list of many of the people and agencies whom have found the benefits of using VirtualBlade:  

  • Australian Army
  • N.T. Police
  • U.S.Marine Corp
  • Border Patrol
  • DEA
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Air Marshalls
  • FBI
  • SWAT Units
  • Corrections
  • Military Unarmed Combat Instructors
  • Police and Private Security Defensive Tactics trainers
  • Krav Maga Instructors
  • Martial artists in all styles
  • Self defense teachers and students
  • Professional bodyguards


Safety is paramount in training! Please view our Safety in Training page.

Download the Sharkee Knife and Virtual Blade Flyer