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Compliance & Control Holds

Building from the control holds contained within Defensive Tactics, (e.g. Escort Position, Arm Bar Take Down and Wrist Locks), Compliance and Control Holds is focused on Instructor development and improving Instructors knowledge of how control holds work and exploring some enhancements to common techniques, alternative applications and variations.

In the sphere of Subject control, Instructors are often faced with students whom have learned a control technique outside law enforcement. This course is designed to introduce instructors to some of the alternate techniques to explore why they are valid (or not) in a legal, learning and tactical environment and increase the instructors knowledge base.

Course Topics

  • Theory and principles of control holds
  • Variations, enhancements and alternative techniques
  • Transition between control holds, whilst maintaining control, to achieve a lawful objective: e.g. Move, Handcuff, Take Down
  • Use of Verbal commands
  • Stance, Balance, Positioning
  • Escort Position
  • Front Wrist Lock
  • Rear Wrist Lock
  • Wrist Twist
  • Hammer Lock
  • Horn Come-a-long
  • Wrist Grab to Take Down
  • "Z" Lock
  • Figure Four (Inside and Outside)
  • Prone Rollover
  • Leg Lock