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SureLock Universal Restraint Device

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SureLock Options

Hand Restraint Belt
Standard HR100
Small HR100s
The belt is secured in the back using a proprietary lockable Main Buckle. It features two hand restraint tethers with proprietary Hand Restraint UniLock that allow for one-way restricted movement. All locks are released with a standard handcuff key. The Hand Restraint Waist Belt enables an escorting officer to control a subject’s movement while allowing the subject enough movement to be fingerprinted, use the bathroom facilities, eat, and/or perform other required movements for transport and processing.
Standard HR100 belt fits 29-58" waist. (74cm - 147cm)
The Smaller HR100s suits 23-40" waists. (59cm - 101cm)



Standard Leg Restraint

Single loop with double lockable lower leg UniLock for securing both ankles on a violent subject in the field (hobble) or on a single ankle for escort.


Leg Iron Restraint


Combines a Peerless M703 Leg Iron with SureLock leg restraining device. The unit enables a Subject to walk with a limited stride, yet can be quickly retracted to safely control movement. The unit is designed for those who prefer standard leg irons.


Quick Deployment Leg Restraint


Designed for quick, temporary restraint of dangerous or uncooperative Subjects. The unit is lightweight and easy to carry and store, offering enhanced protection for Officers. An attached carabineer allows the unit to be fastened to a secure object. The unit uses a non-locking ankle clamp.

Soft Cuffs

An option where standard metal handcuffs are not used such as Ambulance or Health Care facility where a medical needs exist for the Subject to be restrained.
Soft Cuffs for ankles, ankle-to-bed and belt-to-bed restraint are available.


Custom Handcuffs

Should an Agency have a requirement for a specific handcuff by law, policy or custom, these can be factory fitted.


Shoulder/Crotch Straps


Made from 38mm (1.5") nylon seatbelt webbing and attach to the Hand Restraint Waist Belt. The Shoulder/Crotch Straps add an extra level of security by preventing the waist belt from being pushed below the hips or pulled over the head. The straps are looped around the front of the waist belt and attached at the back.


Carry Bag


Comes with the SureLock Full-Unit Packages or Hand Restraint Waist Belts. It is designed to hold a Hand Restraint Waist Belt, Leg Restraint, User Manual, and Shoulder/Crotch Straps.