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SureLock Universal Restraint Device

Sharkee Training Knives

Salus Consulting offers the full range of Sharkee Training Knives

Technical Specifications

Belt Construction

Durable Cordura outer-belt fabric with non-slip inner-belt fabric.   Rolled poly-propylene handles.

Hand and Leg Restraint Construction

25.4mm (1") wide, 2449 Kg (5400 lbs.) test, nylon tether

Belt Weight (HR100)

1708 grams (3.8 lbs.)

Belt Girth

73cm (29") to 147cm (58")  waist

Hand Tether Reach

280mm (11") Handcuffs excluded

Leg Tether Reach

1100mm (43") between VRMs

Handcuffs (Standard)

Peerless M700 carbon steel, nickel-plated handcuffs (NIJ approved) , with two standard keys

VRM Breaking Strain

Tether will break from VRM at 431kg (950lbs)

Maximum weight over two handles

181kg (400lbs)


12 Months limited warranty.

These specifications relate to the HR100 and LR100 products and are s ubject to change without notice.