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SureLock Universal Restraint Device

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The SureLock Universal Restraint System was designed to meet the extraordinary demands of controlling violent, drug intoxicated or mentally ill prisoners, detainees, and/or medical subjects, while providing the flexibility required in common processing tasks. The SureLock uses a proprietary locking devise, the UniLock, that enables an escorting officer to maintain total control of a Subjects movement while allowing only the movement necessary to be fingerprinted, use the bathroom, eat, and/or perform other required movements for processing.
The SureLock is a clear choice in restraining Subjects suffering (or potentially suffering from) Excited Delirium (ExDS). The SureLock allows the Subject to be safely restrained within all currently known medical advice relating to ExDS treatment. The Subject can be restrained face up (supine), with no pressure around the chest, no heat-retaining restraint against the chest or upper torso, hands restrained by the sides of the body, ability for the arms to remain physically restrained whilst being moved away from the body for medical aid, no pressure on the head, neck or shoulders, legs hobbled without pressure on the wrists, primary restraint is proprietary and does not rely on the ambulance stretcher for restraint (thereby allowing it to be placed on remotely)

The restraint never has to be removed and can be retracted at any time. SureLock is placed on the Subject either whilst they are handcuffed (such as arrest situation) and they are never free to actively assault officers, or when compliant (such as a correctional / custody situation). 
SureLock is the clear choice for your extraordinary subject restraint needs in Corrections, Law Enforcement, Military, and healthcare.
The SureLockUniversal Restraint System is available in a number of configurations to suit an Agencies needs. Options include:
  • Standard or small sizes
  • Standard, oversize, soft medical or custom hand restraints. (Saf-lok Handcuffs are available)
  • Single, dual, leg iron, rapid deployment or soft medical leg restraints
Free 30 day Testing and Evaluation units are available.
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