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The SureLock Universal Restraint System  was designed to meet the extraordinary demands of controlling violent, drug intoxicated or mentally ill prisoners, detainees, and/or medical subjects , while providing the flexibility required in common processing tasks. The SureLock uses a proprietary locking devise, the UniLock, that enables an escorting officer to maintain total control of a subjects movement while allowing only the movement necessary to be fingerprinted, use the bathroom, eat, and/or perform other required movements for processing.

The restraint never has to be removed and can be retracted at any time.
SureLock is the clear choice for your extraordinary subject restraint needs in Corrections, Law Enforcement, Military, and healthcare.

SureLockTraining programme was developed to compliment the entire SureLock product range and is fully endorsed by LTL Vantage Inc., the manufactures of the SureLock. When you put the SureLock together with prudent and properly trained Officers, we think you will agree SureLock is the most well thought out, and versatile restraint system there is.

Course Topics
  • Nomenclature
  • Care, maintenance and storage requirements
  • Terminology
  • Lawful use and / or policy
  • Safety requirements
  • Excited delirium syndrome and restraint asphyxia
  • Pre-deployment requirements
  • Communication
  • Application to non-compliant Subjects
  • Application to compliant Subjects
  • Transport, seating and escorting
  • Processing, court and medical aid
  • Assess, lift and move the restrained Subject
  • Removal

Benefits of Hands-On Training Course
  • Reduced Injury to Officers and Subjects
  • Reduced exposure to civil liability
  • Reduced workers' compensation payments
  • Increased performance, efficiency & speed when applying the SureLock
  • Increased confidence & morale
  • Increased safety

Instructor Certification
  • Tactical concepts focused on how, why, and when to use the SureLock Universal Restraint Device in a variety of situations make this program the effective, court defensible, and state-of-the-art
  • Instructor Certification entitles you to train, certify, and re-certify others in the SureLock Operator course.
  • Instructor Certification is valid for three years
  • The SureLock Instructor or Operator program can be held at your training facility.
  • Training fee includes manual, resources CD and certificate
  • Supplemental mailings to notify instructors of updates in training methods, training aids, training seminars and other related courses.
  • Day-to-day technical support
  • Competent expert witness testimony available
What former students are saying

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These courses are not open the the general public and are conducted for Law Enforcement and Private Security only. Please
contact us for more information. Courses are run to suit numbers or hosting agency.

These qualifications are provided outside the of the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) however in Australia, this course has been designed to map directly either partially or fully to the following Units of Competency:
1. CPPSEC3015A Restrain persons using handcuffs
2. CSCOFM202A Monitor people in care or custody
3. PUAPOLGD007A Manage persons in care or custody