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Monadnock Expandable Baton (M.E.B.)

Advanced Instructor and Basic Level Courses

The training curriculum for straight expandable batons is called the Monadnock Expandable Baton (M.E.B.) Program. With these programs officers, instructors and agencies can choose between the Basic Certification Course and the Advanced Certification Course.

Each course combines lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on performance of techniques and testing in a concise and practical manner.

The M.E.B. course is suitable for all types of straight and expandable police batons.

MEB Instructor/Basic Certification Courses

The Basic and Instructor Courses consists of a 4 hour basic level course and a 1 day Basic Instructor Course. Basic Course certification techniques include Stance, Patterns of Movement, Baton Grip, Baton Methods of Carry, Baton Draws, Baton Two-Handed Grip Blocks, Baton Counter Strikes, and Baton Retention. This is a well-rounded training approach that provides officer protection at three specific ranges for concluding an attack.

The first defensive range available to officers is the extended range. This range combines the full arm extension of an officer with the actual length of a particular baton as it is held in the officer's strong hand. The extended range is the maximum area that an officer can expect to defend to his (her) front and to both flanks. Extended range techniques include both Basic one-hand strikes. This range is an officer's first line of defense against an attacker.

The second line of defense for stopping an attacker is at the intermediate range. As its name implies, it is the area that falls between full arm extension and within one foot of the officer's chest. There is less space at the intermediate range, as well as at the close-in range, for performing large sweeping baton strikes as in the extended range. Consequently, two-handed strikes and blocks are designed for rapid and effective use within a confined or compact space like the intermediate range. This ability is unique to the MEB Program. The third and most important range is close-in. Close-in encounters pose the greatest danger to an officers safety (or survival) due to the extremely tight space he (she) has to effectively and appropriately maneuver a baton for self-defense or subject control. Close-in encounters involve combat within one foot or less of the officer's chest. Close-in encounter techniques again include two-handed, strikes and/or blocks. Officer survival and the MEB Basic Course provided by Salus Consulting go hand in hand with each other

MEB Advanced Course

Salus Consulting also offers an advanced MEB course for officers and agencies that need the skills offered in the Basic Course Program (see above), plus additional easy-to-learn, baton-assisted subject restraint techniques. This second curriculum course is called the Advanced Course and consists of an 8 hour user level course and a two-day Advanced Instructor Course. The Advanced Course adds four subject-control techniques to the Basic Course Curriculum in just four additional hours.

MEB Advanced Instructor Course

A two-day MEB Advanced Instructor Course is available from Salus Consulting to certify qualified public and private law enforcement personnel who have no prior certification. Upon completion of the 16 hour course an officer will be able to certify other officers in either the 4 hour Basic Course or the 8 hour Advanced Course.

MEB Instructor Certification

  • The MEB courses were developed by the Monadnock Police Training Council, Inc. The Council's procedures and standards are amply structured to meet the most sophisticated legal challenges.
  • The Council's expandable baton techniques can be quickly mastered and performed under stress, including the four baton-assisted subject control skills. The Council's certification is fully researched in terms of tactical, medical, and legal consequences resulting from police intervention.
  • Tactical concepts focused on how, why, and when to use an Expandable Baton in a variety of situations make this program the most effective, court defensible, and state-of-the-art BATON training program of its kind in the country.
  • Instructor Certification entitles you to train, certify, and re-certify others in the MEB basic or advanced course (Not Instructor course).
  • Instructor Certification is valid for three years.
  • Basic Course Certification is valid for 12 months.
  • The MEB instructor/Basic program can be held at your training facility.
  • Training fee includes manual and certificate.
  • Issuance of instructor certificates upon initial certification and re-certification
  • Supplemental mailings to notify instructors of updates in training methods, training aids, training seminars and other related courses.
  • Day-to-day technical support
  • Competent expert witness testimony available
These courses are not open the the general public and are conducted for Law Enforcement and Private Security only. Please contact us for more information. Courses are run to suit numbers or hosting agency.

These qualifications are provided outside the of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)