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Sharkee Training Knives

Salus Consulting offers the full range of Sharkee Training Knives

  Sharkee Training Knives

We believe that training and practice that is realistic and safe provides a positive, challenging training experience that encourages participation and supports learning. It's fun and rewarding.

The Sharkee knife range, combined with the VirtualBlade marking system, is an excellent example of just such a fun, realistic and safe training aid for police, corrections, military, security, martial arts and self defense.

  We are very proud to represent
the Sharkee range of training knives in Australia. SHARKEE,   Inc manufactures sensible, quality training knives that are are rigid, one-piece molded polypropylene that provide long term use in the Martial Arts Community, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military throughout the world.

When combined with the
VirtualBlade Marking System make the most affordable, easy, and clean marking knife on the market.

The range of SHARKEE Knives offers a sensible alternative to wood, rubber, and metal products. As many instructors have identified, wooden knives splinter over time and have sharp tips and crisp edges. Rubber products easily tear in a very short time and are too pointed. Aluminum knives can develop burrs and are heavier than the others. All of these may lead to injury and time away from training as well as higher costs.

SHARKEE knives are designed with key features in mind that safety aware instructors and practitioners have come to expect. Some of the qualities that make Sharkee unique:

  • Rounded tips and radiused edges are rounded (blunt) to protect from accidental stabbing and protect mats and bags from accidental punctures.

  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced. Similar to the weight of a real knife.    

  • Won't tear or break like rubber knives

  • Won't splinter like wooden knives

  • Dramatic new look 

  • Durable - They last and do not degrade with use.
  • They float (This is important in Military Special Operations or other water training as Sharkee Knives are easy to find after disarms)
  • Available in 3 styles

Name Boot (Dagger)
Open Folder
Black Black
Size (mm)
275 x 45 x 10
280 x 30 x 10
205 x 40 x 10
Weight (g)
100 78 50
Order Code

We regret that RED and GREY knives are no longer available from Sharkee, except for large volume orders.

Download a video of the Sharkee Knife. Note this knife does not have the Virtual Marking System Attached.

When combined with the VirtualBlade Marking System Sharkee Knives make the most affordable easy clean marking knife on the market.

By bringing these qualities together in one product, Sharkee has been able to widen the margin of safety to students and put it in the price range that anyone can afford.

Safety is paramount in training! Please view our Safety in Training page.

Download the Sharkee Knife and Virtual Blade Flyer