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Sharkee Training Knives

Salus Consulting offers the full range of Sharkee Training Knives

Safety in Training

Safety must always be our highest priority in training. This web site does not attempt replace training with a qualified instructor. We strongly advise all users of any of our products to consult with a qualified health care professional prior to undertaking any physical activity or exercise program.

Martial arts and knife training are dangerous. Salus Consulting, Sharkee Inc and VirtualBlade is not responsible for any injuries that may result from the use or misuse of our products.

No training product without risk of some injury if used incorrectly and any training undertaken should be done with an experienced instructor supervising at all times and the wearing of protective equipment. In the case of knife training quality eye protection MUST be worn at all times during that training.

  • ALWAYS use eye protection.
  • ALWAYS follow the instructions / whistle of the supervising instructor.
  • ALWAYS relax your wrist at the point of contacting your opponent. The aim is to mark, not injure.
  • NEVER use stabbing attack. Use only slashing attack.
  • NEVER practice with sharpened or live blades.
  • NEVER attach a VirtualBlade product to a sharpened or live blade.

Sharkee and VirtualBlade products are for demonstration and training purposes only. Please consult with laws in your State concerning the practice of Martial Arts, knife sparring, and ownership or carrying of simulated weapons. Sharkee and VirtualBlade products is real equipment for real people who want real knife training

You assume full responsibility for the use of the information and products on this site and agree that the authors and contributors to the Salus Consulting website, its associated information, pages and links hold no liability to you for claims, damages, costs and expenses, legal fees, or any other costs incurred due to or in any way related to your reliance on anything derived from this site or its contents.

Clean Up

To clean your skin after marking, simply rub vigorously to mute the colour or use a damp cloth or baby wipe for complete removal.

The chalk will wash out of most clothing or martial arts Gi in a normal wash, however, pre-treating with detergent sprays or pre-wash stain removers will often assist. The chalk does contain pigment and therefore risk of permanent staining is possible. It is recommend before use on Gi or good clothing, you mark the clothing in a discrete location and see if it washes off. Of course, the use of old clothing that you don't care about is recommended!